I’m Relentless’s Official Blogger for 2014!

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Rewind back to two weeks ago on a bleary-eyed Tuesday morning, and you would have found this little blogger in giddy elation having just received confirmation that I had won Relentless’s music blogger competition! Not only am I over-the-moon excited about a new achievement to add to the blogging roster, my prize includes an AAA pass to a string of festivals and gigs across the country so I can get up close and personal with … Continue reading

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The August Playlist

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Wowza. How did we end up in August already? The sweetest season of the year is sadly flying right past my eyes, so I’m taking this opportunity to quell those “SUMMER’S NEARLY OVER” woes, and bundle together a whole handful of sun-soaked songs (and a sneaky couple of Hozier tunes, because I think I’m in love). Maybe, just maybe, these will help to bring that delicious heatwave back? Yeah, sun? Let’s not waste any more … Continue reading

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The Best Music Reads (In My Humble Opinion)

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If you know me well enough by now, you’ll know that I love a good blog. I’ve previously written about my all-round favourites here, but I thought I’d make this one all about music, as that is the backbone of this blog that you’re reading right now. Whaddyaknow! Whether I’m on the hunt for some new jams, wanting to read up on the latest under-the-radar bands, or I just want to know how Refinery29 scored … Continue reading

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Abersoch: My Seaside Escape

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As you may all be well aware from my Instagram, I spend a LOT of time beachside. Though I call a little part of Cheshire my home at the moment, there will always be an invisible string pulling me back to the little seaside village that I was lucky enough to grow up in, and now that summer is well and truly upon us, I can’t help but come running back home to drink up … Continue reading

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The App That I Can’t Get Enough Of

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What do you get when you cross an Instagram-like app with every song on the iTunes store? You get hours of procrastination, a whole spectrum of music-induced “feels” and a chance to soundtrack your favourite moments and memories. Ba-da-bing, ba-da-boom. I don’t know about you, but Tunepics just begs the question, “why didn’t anyone think of this sooner?”. It seems like such a simple concept to pair songs with snaps – after all, downloading music … Continue reading

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Glasto 2014: My 5 Favourite Moments

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When it comes to the Festival with a capital F, I’ve developed a routine that, sadly, doesn’t involve the real-deal jaunt up to Worthy Farm. To make up for it, I will record every little piece of the Beeb’s coverage on my Sky+ box, whack out a surplus stock of munchies and twist the volume up as loud as possible to at least pretend I’m there amidst the sea of floral headbands. So until that … Continue reading

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My Beach Weekend Makeup

My Beach Weekend MakeUp

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By the time summer weekends come around, piling up my car with bags and heading to my parents’ house on the coast becomes a thing of the norm. On Saturdays and Sundays, you’ll most likely find me sunning myself at the beach with my hair piled up, shades on, and not a scrap of makeup to be seen on my chops. In the week, I just can’t go without my signature liquid liner as I … Continue reading

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The June Playlist

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With the official start of summer beckoning, I had no doubt that my musical choices for this month’s playlist would follow a similar, summery suit. But even I surprised myself with this edition – though I do love a good wallow in a roster of self-regarding songs, I’m a big advocate of straight-up awesome, upbeat tunes to keep the sun shining and to get those moves out of your system. Summer jams, after all, are … Continue reading

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Catfish & The Bottlemen

On Repeat: Catfish & The Bottlemen

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Lately, I’ve been listening to one band over and over (and over) again, and they’re a band that take me back to my teenage days when my music go-to was always indie rock – a phase that me and most other teenagers experienced in the height of The Kooks’ and Arctic Monkeys’ fame. Now in my current relationship with electro-funk, Welsh wonderkids Catfish & The Bottlemen make me feel like I’m having a love affair … Continue reading

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Easter By The Seaside & A Sam Smith Obsession!

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It’s a bit of a tradition to spend Easter by my seaside hometown in North Wales. The combination of sunshine, chocolate, friends and a warm beach is a tough one to beat in my book, and that’s exactly how I spent Thursday – Monday. In between, Jen, Dan, Mum and I set up our own yoga retreat in the garden (it was something I thought Russell Brand would have enjoyed), caught up with my friends, … Continue reading

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