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“Look out for this young lady; a will-definitely-make-it, fashion journalist with a shrewd eye and a talent for the written word!”

“Written by Zoe, (or Zed as she prefers to be called), Romeo and the Lonely Girl is a really slick looking site. Mine and Zed’s tastes are very similar too, both of us have very similar obsessions and a penchant for Liz Earl beauty products! Very cool blog.”

“Her blog is a mashup of beauty, fashion and most importantly music. Zoe has a cool cat style, in content, writing and in fashion taste. Her music postings are awesome, well written inspired content and up to date reviews, and with a taste similar to my own these posts are my personal faves.”


A weekly review of blogs and bloggers in Chester
Written by Kylie Thompson

Zoe Williams is the opposite of an imagined ‘lonely girl’, as she bounces into the bar with her wavy, surfer-girl hair and huge, pearly smile. Her style is very cutesy – she manages to add a certain amount of coolness to anything feminine, by dressing it down with a pair of worn-in cons or biker-style boots.

Zoe says that her blog ‘Romeo and the Lonely Girl’ is a true reflection of herself and feels this is an important aspect in her writing: “I like to write posts that are honest, positive and inspired”, she says about her articles that focus on fashion, beauty and music. And where most would find it easier to be critical and write about what they do not like, Williams finds it much better to blog about the things that she does like. And this is much to her advantage.

After recently reviewing some of Label M’s volumising hair-care range, she was contacted by their PR department. “They told me they liked the piece and as a thank you they sent me some free products in the post. Freebies are one of the perks of blogging.”

She adds that another blogging benefit is going to gigs and meeting with bands. Especially when it is her favourite band of the moment, Mona. Zoe discovered the band in November after seeing them on Jools Holland and has been blogging about them ever since. And after attending one of their gigs she writes: “My first live Mona experience was nothing short of a raucous rock ‘n’ roll show… Meeting the band was a definite highlight.” But that was way back in December, and now she can be papped casually hanging out with the boys for a drink, after their gig at Manchester’s Central Methodist Hall.

It looks as though her ear for music may be just as good as her eye for fashion. In 2010, Zoe wrote her first review of the band stating: “During the show, I couldn’t shake the recurring feeling that I had hit on a rare piece of gold, and a selfishness of wanting them to keep on playing intimate venues.” And she may have hit the nail on the head; Mona are one of ten contenders to be nominated in MTV’s Brand New for 2011 Campaign, which champions raw, undiscovered talent.

Zoe indicates she has been in talks with MTV and claims that her increasing interest in new bands may over take the style side of things. In a recent tweet she said: “this morning has been all about answering emails, blog PR, lots of lovely exciting things!” subtle, but sealed-lipped hints that something successful is just around the corner.

It seems so perfect; Romeo and the Lonely Girl is a fabulous name for a fashion blog, sounding like something reminiscent of a Luella Bartley runway show. Yet its reference to the song by ‘Thin Lizzy’ makes it seem as if the transgression to blogging about music was imminent. Whatever the case, it allows Zoe to make transient leaps from writing about fashion and music in equal depths, and who knows where that may take her.

But one thing is for sure, and that is that this lonely girl has not gone unnoticed. To agree with the recent review of her blog at Dirt Style, “this blogger is one to watch and it has and will continue to be a pleasure to read R&TLG.”