BEAUTY REVIEW: Caudalie Beauty Elixir

Posted on by Zoe

So I don’t know whether you heard. Or read, should I say. The Caudalie Beauty Elixir was recently hyped up by none other than Victoria Beckham, for its “glowing” capabilities. And at just £9.35 a pop, I had it in my virtual shopping basket in a beautified heartbeat.

My mum has always raved to me about Caudalie as a brand, claiming it youthens her skin and even calms her mood with its grape-seed based scents. I associate the smell of Caudalie’s products with my Mum now, from having such strong memories of her using Caudalie moisturisers and body treatments when I was younger. So she was also more than happy to give the Beauty Elixir a try when I told her it had arrived in the post!

Victoria Beckham tweeted that she used the Beauty Elixir over her make-up, but it can be worn under make-up or over. I initially used it under make-up just to see the difference it made to my base routine. The next day, I tried it over my usual face of make-up, and immediately noticed a difference that I hadn’t the day before. Vicky’s right - over make-up is the best way to get a glowy, dewy complexion without having to splurge on an expensive foundation and base routine. A few spritzes, and your skin instantly looks refreshed. I’ve finally found that infamously elusive “dewy glow”.

You can buy Caudalie’s Beauty Elixir at for just £9.35.

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  • holly

    i think im deffinately going to have to give this a go,
    can you buy it any other place than the website link?

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