My Current Favourite Bath Time Treats

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Without meaning to come across all geeky, I’m going to quote Sylvia Plath in this bath time treat post. The deep, yet somewhat deranged Sylvia once said, “There must be quite a few things that a hot bath won’t cure, but I don’t know many of them.” I think Sylvia nailed it on the head with that one. Baths are such a simple and satisfying luxury, and I’m known in my family for having a bath nearly every single night in winter. I like baths around midnight, preferably when there’s a huge thunderstorm outside, but light rain is also perfectly acceptable. Candles are a necessity, even when it’s just a quickie, and so are bubbles. If you’re a bath junkie like me,  Lush should never miss a visit if you’re nearby. I like to rotate my bath time treats so that I give my mound of bath time products a good and fair airing. However, recently I have found myself reaching for the same few products when I’m soaking in the tub, so I thought I’d show you all my favourite products that have made bath time a complete game changer for me…

I’m always rotating candles in my bathroom, but my Diptyque Mimosa mini candle has been feeling quite comfortable on the side of my bath ever since I received it as a birthday present. I like to light this at bath time as it feels like a real luxury - it smells beautiful of mimosa flowers and fills the room with a fresh, floral fragrance, even when unlit!

The first product that goes into the bath is Sanctuary’s Luxury Bath Float. I pour a few drops of this into my tub and within moments I’m greeted by a pile of big, beautiful bubbles. This smells like an oriental spa - the classic Sanctuary fragrance, and leaves my skin feeling soft and pampered.

I have also repurchased the Lush Golden Wonder bath bomb after the first visual experience of watching it fizzle away in the water. Turning my water from gold to yellow and finally to blue, this bath bomb is worth the £3.25 just for the spectacle it creates in the bath! I can’t wait for my next bath with this.

Next, I like to scrub any dull, drab skin cells away with Soap & Glory’s The Breakfast Scrub. Believe me when I say that this is the best-smelling product I have in my posession - it rivals my Chanel Chance Eau Tendre, it’s that good. If I could eat it, I would. Brucey Bonus for banishing dry patches and making my skin glow.

Then, I’ll wash with Soap & Glory’s Rich & Foamous body wash, which smells equally amazing of almond, oats and brown sugar. I bought this in August, I’ve used it almost every day and I’m not even half way down the bottle yet, so it’s super long lasting. A few pumps of this leaves me feeling squeaky clean and uber soft. Hot foot it to Boots now to get your S&G fix with their 3-for-2 offer!

Next on the bath wishlist is the L’Occitane Almond Shower Oil and the Lush Party Poppers. Popping candy in the bath? Someone in Lush HQ is a bit of a genius if you ask me…

What are your current favourite bath time products? Do you have a favourite Lush bath product?

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  • Daria

    This is a lovely post! I’m literally looking forward to the weekend to get my hands on the 2 for 3 offer on Soap & Glory in Boots! x