A New Favourite: Bumble & Bumble Surf Spray

Posted on by Zoe

Taking the plunge with Bumble & Bumble has been a devastatingly long time coming. You would think, being the haircare obsessive that this blog is testament to, that I would’ve gotten around to road testing their stockpile of hair grooming products by now. And for a girl who’s obsessed with volume, volume and more volume in the barnet department, surely B&B’s most iconic product should have solidified its close friendship with my hair centuries ago?

For a long while, I’ve convinced myself that a product like Bumble & Bumble’s Surf Spray becomes redundant when living by the sea. Who needs Surf Spray when I’ve got surf on my doorstep? This is all well and good in the summer, but even then, I’m not so keen on relying on the Welsh waves to give me a beachy, messed up ‘do. And now that my abode resides in a much more urban landscape, my hair is scolding me for not getting this texture-lacking problem sorted out sooner.

In my lengthy Surf Spray research, I discovered that most give it a shiny gold star, along with a “couldn’t live without it”, or a glowing “my most repurchased product”. But then, a few lurking cynics emerge to share their negative experiences with Surf Spray, claiming it is “just a bit of salt in a bottle” and “don’t waste your money”. Well, all’s fair in love and hair, and at the beginning of the month I made a straight beeline for the Bumble & Bumble concession of Boots to test this seaside beauty out for myself.

As a true sign that I’m a newbie to B&B, I chose the handy, 50ml travel size version of Surf Spray for £8. At the time, I grumbled at the price for such a dinky bottle, but I do love when brands offer smaller sized options. Not only are they travel friendly, they’re a great way to truly test the product’s worth without having to fork out for the full price tag. And they’re a lot cuter. Tick, tick, tick!

I’ve found that I like to apply Surf Spray evenly onto damp hair, concentrating mainly on the roots, and then dry with my head upside down (naughty, but it gives more volume), very roughly and keeping brushing to a minimum. I’ll add a couple more spritzes once my hair’s about 70% dry. I’ve found that this is where the product truly shines - Surf Spray adores nearly dry hair. While the dryer’s still on, I like to tease the roots slightly and start getting the shape I want. Once my hair’s nice and dry, I’ll do my usual, every day waves and finish with a mist of Tresemme hairspray. I’m left with soft waves that don’t look too overdone, and plenty of volume all over…

The beauty of this product is that there’s absolutely no backcombing necessary, which is something I do hate to do to my hair. It’s bad for the condition of your hair, it doesn’t thank you for backcombing later on (hey, is that a person under that shrub?) and it never lasts very long.

If you couldn’t already tell, my hair has become quite attached to this salty, sexy little bottle, and it’s only been two weeks. Oh, and did I mention that the website of these haircare aficionados is absolutely killer? I fear an obsession of the Bumble & Bumble variety beginning…

I picked up my bottle of Surf Spray from Boots (£8 for 50ml / £20.50 for 125ml).

Have you ever tried the Bumble & Bumble Surf Spray? What are your thoughts on this cult product?

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  • Pippa Jones

    This looks really interesting!!
    i have a salt spray already but, in the market for a new one, and this might be it :) nice review!

    Pipp xx


    • http://www.romeoandthelonelygirl.com/ Zoe

      It really does the job well (which you would hope for the price of the stuff!). Which salt spray do you use at the moment?

      • Pippa Jones

        i using lee stafford, but its not as good as i hoped it would be or what others i know are. and that is quite pricey too. but i know when you get a good one its worth the money.

  • http://twitter.com/LittleBeautyLux Louise

    Love bumble and Bumble Surf Spray! I like to mix it with a little of the Grooming Cream for more hold

    xx Louise

    A Little Beauty Luxury

    • http://www.romeoandthelonelygirl.com/ Zoe

      I’m really keen to try the Grooming Cream, that’s next on my wish list, along with the (Un)dressing Creme, the Thickening hairspray and about seven more different sprays and shampoos that I don’t really need!