Things I’ve Loved This Week #2

Posted on by Zoe

I spent most of this week feeling sorry for myself with a naughty cough and cold, which also prevented me from going to see The Lumineers live in Manchester on Tuesday night. Sad face x a million, but I’m all better now and I’ve got Skunk Anansie to look forward to next month!

I’m kicking off the things I’ve loved this week with…

1. Gourmet Burger Kitchen

I don’t know whether you all know this about me, but I’m a bit of a burger fiend. When Rosie of The Londoner posts burger pictures from London restaurants, I salivate at my screen. As far as restaurant chains go, I don’t think you can beat Gourmet Burger Kitchen. Top-notch burgers, monkey nuts while you wait and the tastiest relish you will have tried in a long time. Oh, and whoever runs their social media account does an awesome job!

2. Justin Timberlake’s interview with Jonathan Ross

Feeling a little let down by Taken 2‘s offerings on the box office this weekend, me and my family soon pepped up after switching over to ITV for Jonathan Ross. Justin Timberlake was just about to have his first shot with Wossy, and let’s just say we definitely caught the best part of the interview! It didn’t hurt that JT was looking his usual handsome self either. Watch part 1 and part 2 on YouTube.

3. ‘My Number’ by Foals

Though I’ve enjoyed Foals’ last two album offerings, there was never that one song that really caught my attention. ‘My Number’, however, feels a lot glossier, brighter and distinguishable of their sound. I pretty much haven’t stopped listening to it for two whole weeks, and it makes me really, really, really excited for summer.

4. Tumblr

I’ve been a little bit absent from the micro-blogging site recently, but this week I’ve loved traipsing through pictures and mini blog posts, and reblogging to create my own hipster mashup. My Tumblr heavily features Ryan Gosling, Lana Del Rey and pictures of beaches. Follow me here:

5. Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman

On Friday, a surprise showing of Pretty Woman, one of the most iconic rom-coms ever, reminded me just how much I love Julia Roberts. I’ve adored her in nearly every one of her starring roles (favourites include: Closer, Notting Hill, Stepmom), but the scene in which she wears that stunning red dress by Marilyn Vance can’t really be beaten, can it?

What have you loved this week?

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  • AnaliseVT

    Love your tumblr posts, do you create your wish lists on photoshop?

    Would love it if you had a spare moment to look at my blog :)

    Analise xxx

  • Pippa Jones

    Aww I do really love pretty woman too! :) My fave, So happy that Justin is coming back on to the scene! :)

    Pipp xx

  • Maria Moore

    Ohh I love Julia Roberts too :) I’ve just come across your blog, enjoying reading through your posts!