My First Venture Into Gelish Nail Art

Posted on by Zoe

I’m one of those people who finds polishing their nails a chore, and I can’t decide whether it’s because I’m too lazy, too impatient or my far-from-rock-steady composure usually fails me. However, once I have mustered up the patience to lacquer up and get my nails looking pretty (albeit a little on the messy side for my poor right hand), I can’t seem to sit still. I’m also shamefully guilty of piling on the polish just before I need to head out of the door, which never ends well for me or anyone around me.

So, when I was contacted by Camilla Parry of Body Boutique Beauty last week asking if I’d like a free nail art session, I did a typical Zobo squeal and promptly arranged a date and time. This was then swiftly followed by a two-hour Pinterest session with the keyword ‘nail art’, in which I surprised myself with some extravagant and often garish choices, as anyone who knows me will be well aware of my monochromatic dress sense. Not when it comes to my nails, apparently!

Camilla directed me to her home salon in Chester, and then sat me down with a cup of tea (I loved her already!) while we chatted about her background in the industry. Having worked 10 years in the nail and beauty tech industry, Camilla has an incredible passion for what she does, and a perfectionist nature that bodes extremely well with her work. We related on the feeling of ‘work that doesn’t feel like work’ before swapping Pinterest notes.

One of the nail arts that we had both pinned was this ‘neon Ziggy Stardust’ picture (well, that’s what I’m coining it as anyway!), which we subsequently decided on for my nails:

Nail art

Camilla used Gelish to recreate this nail art for me, which I learned is similar to Shellac in that it’s a gel-like polish that’s chip-resistant for up to 3 weeks. Shellac, however, can only be applied by professionals as it is cured under a special CND Shellac UV lamp, whereas Gelish is cured under an LED light.

Having never had any gel nail treatment like this before, it felt like a real pamper session,  although I couldn’t help but stare in awe at Camilla’s precision. Trust me, those stripy squiggles took some serious patience and skill!

Here are her amazing results:


I am so happy with the outcome and super impressed with Camilla’s talent. The number of comments I’ve had on my nails in just three days has been insane! I also think my one session with Camilla has kickstarted an addiction of the Gelish variety.

So is it safe to say the days of unwillingly applied polish are over for me? Well, I’ve already got my heart set on nail art session #2, this time featuring skulls, bones and plenty of studs, so it’s looking like this blogger may well be turning into a bit of a Gelish junkie. Keep your eyes peeled for more nail art!

Visit Body Boutique Beauty for a full list of Camilla’s available treatments and prices, and go and follow Body Boutique Beauty on Twitter for more of her amazing nail art updates!

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