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Though the clocks went forward a month ago, it feels like spring only, well, sprung a few days ago. For the first time in what has felt like years, I didn’t reach for my coat as I bolted out of the door, and I’d subconsciously swapped a thick knit for a cami and check shirt. My wardrobe may have moved with the seasons, but I noticed my hair and makeup were still well and truly in winter hibernation as I had a quick glance in the reflection of my car window. The cold winter had wreaked havoc on my locks and complexion, and so a beauty routine freshen-up was definitely in order.

As you may have gathered from previous blog documentation, hair products get me much hotter under the collar than most makeup must-haves, especially those that promise volume and texture like nothing else. I love to try new hair products than skin products purely because my sensitive skin is very particular about the products I choose to slather it with. My tresses, on the other hand, are a bit more experimental in spirit and surprisingly, react well to never-before-used products.

Let’s get started with my spring-supreme shampoo and conditioner combo. My shampoo of choice doesn’t depend so much on the season as the condition of my hair, so I like to switch my shampoos up weekly - if the colour is looking a little dull, I’ll go for some suds that lighten and brighten my blonde highlights, and if damaged, something more emollient is required. Recently, I discovered Lush’s Big shampoo. ‘Like having your hair lifted on a sea breeze’, this shampoo is a strange one to work onto your bonce in the shower as it’s dotted with grains of sea salt, but it lathers like a dream. The result is ‘clean-slate hair’ - a fresh and fuller mane that makes post-blowdry styling so satisfying. Next up, I’ve swapped my Tresemme Keratin Deep Treatment masque for the Dr. Organic Tea Tree conditioner. Revitalising and repairing, this is the greenest conditioner I’ve ever used (in both senses of the word!). A couple of minutes worth of coating this eco beauty through my hair leaves it feeling lightweight yet completely nourished.

Onto the pre-blowdry styling. A new addition to the spring mix, I decided that the Tangle Teezer was a must-buy for spring after causing so much brush-tugging damage to my hair during winter. This gets out any pesky knots with a few sweeps of the brush, and makes me wonder how I ever got rid of my tangles before. For heat protection and a ‘blank canvas’ after drying, I like to do a few spritzes of the ghd Straight & Smooth spray*, work my trusty V05 Miracle Concentrate Elixir into the ends for a little extra treatment, then get to work on drying.

Next comes the ever-so-difficult decision of whether to straighten or go wavy (both can be done with straighteners, believe it or not. Just go to ghd hairstyles - that’s where I learnt how to do these waves years ago!) At the moment, I am back onto loving my label.m Resurrection Style Dust for ultimate texture and root-lifting. I have harked on about this magic dust multiple times before, so check here for a full product review. I like to sprinkle this little beauty at the crown of my head, lifting up the top sections layer by layer for some serious volume. To keep my uber-clean, fresh and textured tresses looking good all day, I’ll mist the Tresemme Firm Hold hairspray all over, then finish with the ghd Final Shine Spray* for a little extra help in the shine department. For an on-the-go touch-up, I have been carrying the V05 Miracle Concentrate Elixir in my bag, and reaching for it whenever I notice my ends looking a little ragged. I’ve never been much of a serum girl, but I’ve nearly hit the bottom on this little pot of gold liquid. A repurchase is definitely on the cards!

*PR sample

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  • Lou

    Great post! Thank you for sharing your products! Just one thing…I can’t see the video you linked about the “waves” …

  • Heidi Littler

    this is SO helpful zo, thank you! my hair is thin and limp..can’t wait to try all of this xx