The Glastonbury 2013 Playlist

Posted on by Zoe

Glastonbury is the mother of all festivals, the one that hauls in the most famous faces and sartorial trailblazers, and the ‘bucket list’ weekend that everyone wants a tick next to. Since the Beeb kicked off their weekend-long showcase yesterday of the festivities at Worthy Farm, I’ve been glued to any and all screen sizes, trying to compensate for that incomparable, live music feeling by blasting the highlights at full volume.

This year, my pinings for Pilton are at an all-time high. With a lineup that includes The Rolling Stones, Mumford & Sons, Arctic Monkeys, Foals and Ben Howard (to name just a few from the epic list), I’m well and truly kicking myself that I didn’t get a golden ticket in front of the Pyramid Stage.

If you’re feeling a little like I am right now, follow my plan of action: tonight, pull your sleeping bag down to the living room, watch Jagger and Richards with a tub of Ben & Jerry’s, and enjoy the best seat in the house. The most quintessential British band playing the highlight weekend of the summer? You can’t miss it.

And whether you’re a Glasto-goer or not, here’s a playlist for you to enjoy of all the tunes that will be blared from the Worthy farm fields this weekend. It’s basically what my Glastonbury schedule would look like if I hadn’t been so foolish as to ignore registration. Whatever you get up to this weekend, stream this playlist from your Spotify player, and vow to buy tickets to next year’s festivities.

Coming up: the best bits from Glasto 2013.

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