5 Albums To Download (And Obsess Over) In September

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For the fashion industry, September is the most important and pivotal point of the year. Following Fashion Week, the September issue of any fashion glossy is an event in its own right, and I can always bet on my arms getting a good workout come Autumn from lugging around sizeable copies of Vogue and Elle. This year, the music biz seems to be following suit by releasing some of the most anticipated albums of the year in the same, post-festival season month - coincidentally, of course.

There are few things I love more than having a stack of new albums loaded into my iPhone and iPad, waiting to be devoured, and it looks like September is going to be a bumper month for my ears as well as my biceps this month. Here are the 5 long-plays I’ll be downloading in September, and predictively obsessing over through Autumn and beyond…

1. Arctic Monkeys - AM

The distinctly British, Sheffield-hailed monkeys have done plenty of growing up in the spotlight, from raucous rapscallions to slick-and-suave, modern gentlemen. AM, apparently named for its ‘sexy, after-midnight’ sound according to Josh Homme, is their follow-up to 2011 album Suck It And See .

Judging from the material released from AM so far, it looks like we’re in for an R&B-infused, rock ‘n’ roll sound. A little bit of Dr Dre pleached with The Black Keys, if you will? I’m predicting distinctively Arctic Monkeys lyricism, laced with a layer of modern ’80s gloss.

Recommended, pre-album drop listening. ‘Do I Wanna Know’, ‘R U Mine?’
When can I download it? Monday, 9th September, 2013.

2. London Grammar - If You Wait

Garnering sound comparisons with The XX and Drake, as well as vocal comparisons with Florence Welch, British trio London Grammar have been gaining great momentum this year, and deservedly so. I spoke of Hannah Reid’s haunting vocals in The August Playlist for their latest single ‘Strong’ - speaking candidly, I don’t think I’ve experienced chills quite like I did when I first heard that song.

Created with help from producer Tim Brian (CV includes The Verve, Richard Ashcroft, La Roux) and Roc Nation’s KD (Outkast, Beyonce, Jay-Z), I’ve got high hopes for this one.

Recommended, pre-album drop listening. ‘Strong’, ‘Wasting My Young Years’
When can I download it? Friday, 6th September, 2013.

3. Kings of Leon - Mechanical Bull

Older fans of Nashville rockers Kings of Leon will most likely dismiss their ready-to-drop, sixth studio album, not just because of the sound of the two singles already released, but because the boys themselves have frankly marked Mechanical Bull as a ‘youthful, fun-sounding album’. Most KOL fans I know nostalgically hark back to the Followill’s early, pre-mainstream days of Aha Shake Heartbreak and Youth and Young Manhood as the time where they sounded their best. Admittedly, I have enjoyed every single album the Kings have put out, and I haven’t stopped playing new single ‘Wait For Me’ all week.

Caleb, Nathan, Jared and Matthew are all grown up now, and it seems that, like most artists, lifestyle changes play a big part in their songwriting. I’m hopeful that they can still call upon their ‘Red Morning Light’ sound that brought them to the forefront of the UK music scene back in 2003, with their new album.

Recommended, pre-album drop listening. ‘Don’t Matter’, ‘Wait For Me’
When can I download it? Tuesday, 24th September, 2013.

4. Haim - Days Are Gone

A highly-anticipated album for plenty, LA-based sister trio Haim, will be releasing debut Days Are Gone in September. First landing on our radars at the beginning of this year, this album feels like a long time coming, but judging from the material that the girls have released so far, it will be more than worth the wait.

Admitting to feeling pressured to release the album, Este, Daniele and Alana have now said that they are glad they waited as long as they did to ensure the LP was perfected. This is one album that can’t come quick enough for me!

Recommended, pre-album drop listening. ‘Falling’, ‘Don’t Save Me’
When can I download it? Monday, 30th September, 2013.

4. The 1975 - The 1975

If there’s one album I can guarantee I will be obsessing over from September onwards, it’s this one. With an incredible 16-track LP and deluxe version (with a whopping 39 songs!) available from September 2nd, it won’t come as a surprise to regular Romeo readers that their much-hyped debut is at the top of my album shopping list. And I’ll probably be purchasing both versions.

Anticipation is at an all-time high to hear the studio versions of all the live material that I’ve overplayed on YouTube - ‘Girls’, ‘Heart Out’, ‘Robbers’ and ‘Settle Down’ are all such huge and catchy songs, that I’ve been getting ahead of myself and placing all my bets on The 1975′s self-titled debut being my album of 2013.

Recommended, pre-album drop listening. ‘Chocolate’, ‘The City’
When can I download it? Monday, 2nd September, 2013.

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