Glasto 2014: My 5 Favourite Moments

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When it comes to the Festival with a capital F, I’ve developed a routine that, sadly, doesn’t involve the real-deal jaunt up to Worthy Farm. To make up for it, I will record every little piece of the Beeb’s coverage on my Sky+ box, whack out a surplus stock of munchies and twist the volume up as loud as possible to at least pretend I’m there amidst the sea of floral headbands.

So until that golden Glasto ticket lands in the palm of my hands, I will continue to wallow in self-pity, dressed in a onesie fresh from the dryer and a pair of slippers too comfortable for words, skipping ads and hitting play on the best bits of the most epic weekend of the year. If you’re yet to catch up, I’d like to recommend the following 5 highlights for your viewing and hearing pleasure. So, here are the 5 moments I goosebumped to the most at this year’s festival. Sorry, ‘Tallica fans - nothing to see here.

1. Jurassic 5 - What’s Golden
a.k.a. The Mischievous MCs

Until last year, hip-hop outfit Jurassic 5 had hidden away on hiatus for six years, but their Friday night set kept the crowd pumped up in a way that would make you think they’d never taken a day’s break. Though they were always somewhat overlooked for the bigger hip-hop artists of the 90s, they kept their chins up and kept on delivering good vibes only *peace sign emoji*. Now in the current climate of live performance > record sales, all that graft is paying off. They may look a little greyer around the temples, but a kazoo solo? Just how can you beat that?

Click here and skip to 55 minutes for my all-time favourite J5 jam, “What’s Golden”.

2. Ella Eyre - If I Go (acoustic)
a.k.a. The Spirited Starlet

There’s just something about Ella that has fun written all over her. I don’t know whether it’s her mass of envious curls, her on-stage energy or her big, soulful sound, but I just want to go and party with the girl. “If I Go” is her newest single, and in this acoustic version she proves to the masses that her talent is true.

3. Ellie Goulding - Anything Could Happen
a.k.a. The Leading Lady of Electro-Pop

There’s nary a better ambassador for haunting electro-pop than Ellie. Her light, airy vocals prove just as dreamy on stage as they do on Spotify, and as “Anything Could Happen” is one of my favourite songs from the bleach-blonde beauty, I just had to feature it in my favourite 5 moments - her dancing, of course, does no harm. Neither does her kneel down on stage to gaze in awe at the crowd that have come to see her, just before she leaps into the song.

4. Sam Smith - Restart
a.ka. The UK’s New Soul Singer

This Sam Smith obsession of mine began back in January of this year, when this little name was the headliner of BBC’s Future Festival 2014. He was singing “Restart” live from the festival when I turned the radio on one night, and I’ve been hooked to this one song ever since. Jamming on a song for 6 solid months is surely proof that “Restart” can be filed under ‘Desert Island Tunes’ - the ones you’ll never tire of playing whilst on that far-away island you’re yet to get stranded on. PS. Every live version is better than its studio counterpart. You go, Sam Smith-O.

Click here and skip to 10 minutes in for the beautiful, bass-slapping “Restart”.

5. George Ezra - Blame It On Me
a.k.a. The Young’Un With A Vintage Voice

George Ezra is somewhat of a paradox - a baby face with a bluesy, baritone voice that sounds 40 years his senior immediately arouses a sense of curiosity. Keep on listening and you’ll realise that this is something special. “Blame It On Me” is the opener on his debut album. I am yet to listen to the newly released full-length, but this tune has got me putting it at the top of my to-do list this week. I’ll be reporting back.

Oh, and a special little mention to my favourites, of course - The 1975! Someone take me next year, please…

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