The App That I Can’t Get Enough Of

Posted on by Zoe

What do you get when you cross an Instagram-like app with every song on the iTunes store? You get hours of procrastination, a whole spectrum of music-induced “feels” and a chance to soundtrack your favourite moments and memories. Ba-da-bing, ba-da-boom. I don’t know about you, but Tunepics just begs the question, “why didn’t anyone think of this sooner?”. It seems like such a simple concept to pair songs with snaps - after all, downloading music and uploading images are two digital activities that we all love to do. So combining the two? Genius. And of course, as these are two activities that I can easily assign endless hours of my day to, Tunepics feels like it was built for me and every other music-loving, digital dude and damsel. Its tagline is “social media with a soundtrack”, for heaven’s sake. That’s me all over!

As my job is in social media, I’m very much a sucker for new apps that proclaim they’re the next big thing. Jelly is taking time, Yo! was a waste of time and Instagram is just a time capsule of its own, wonderful kind. So how much time have I spent posting on Tunepics since I downloaded it two weeks ago? I wouldn’t like to even hazard a guess.

Without sounding like a real sycophant - I just love me some tunes, kay? - there are 3 key elements to the app that make the MB space that it hogs so worthwhile (it’s less than a quarter of Instagram’s, so no need to fret). First, there’s the image. This is where we all got hooked, so of course, there are filters, and some pretty good ones too. Secondly, there’s the sound. That delicious choice of 35 million songs from the world’s biggest and best music database to assign to your photos. Goodbye evenings and hello to a whole new avenue of creativity. Oh, the agonising choice of Rolling Stones or Duke Dumont to help articulate how awesome Reading festival was; because the photobooth collage and giddy grins just isn’t enough. Finally, the mood. Spin the emotional wheel and plot out the colour of your tunepic instead of double-tapping to donate a blasĂ© “like”. Add into the mix a fresh-to-death interface that’s as easy to navigate as the drive home, and you’ve got yourself a hit.

The only downside? Sharing your Tunepics on Facebook, Twitter and your other favourite SM’s just doesn’t seem to cut it. After all, getting lost in music is a rare and wondrous event that feels even better when shared with your favourite people, so having your FB friends just breeze past your moments or stopping for a second before moving on feels a little disheartening. But, a personal connection that you share with a song is exactly that - personal. No one else will ever feel the way you feel when that MJ song comes on, you will just glow as the chorus hits your heart. And the reason why you paired it with that photo is a whole other story. But, visually pairing songs to memories? You’ll never lose the fragility of that connection again.

For all my fellow bloggers, music or otherwise, I can see some amazing things happening with Tunepics. Auto-playing songs is far too Expage circa 2001 to ever be anything but annoying, yet I can see some really cool integration happening with this little baby.

Jonesing to soundtrack some of your best kept memories yet? Me too. Instagram, shminstagram. Take me to Tunepics any day.

FYI: This is not in any way a promoted post. I just fell in love with this app :)

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  • Mei

    What’s your name on Tunepics! x

    • Zoe

      It’s “zobowilliams”! :)

  • Eilidh D

    I downloaded tunepics the other day but haven’t used it yet. Definitely going to get started with it now though!
    Eilidh xo