The Best Music Reads (In My Humble Opinion)

Posted on by Zoe

If you know me well enough by now, you’ll know that I love a good blog. I’ve previously written about my all-round favourites here, but I thought I’d make this one all about music, as that is the backbone of this blog that you’re reading right now. Whaddyaknow!

Whether I’m on the hunt for some new jams, wanting to read up on the latest under-the-radar bands, or I just want to know how Refinery29 scored Banks’s last gig, I’ve acquired myself a carefully curated list of the best spots, both on and offline, to read up on the latest in great beats. Go forth - bookmark, subscribe and dive right in.

1. Clash magazine - basically, the best magazine to happen to music since, well, EVER. Yes, there’s the classic Rolling Stone which has and always will champion guitar music, but what about those of us that don’t want any Aerosmith or Nirvana in their “starred” Spotify list? (I’m excluded from that, BTW). Enter Clash magazine - not only is this beaut of a mag so aesthetically pleasing to the eye - hell, even the paper is pleasurable to the touch - there’s always a well-mixed bag of content in every issue. From music to film to fashion, Clash has got it all.

2. Refinery29 Music - besides being one of my favourite sites for style, beauty and lifestyle content, their music section is just awesome. I’m a massive fangirl for their “This Is Our Jam” playlists, as I almost always seem to find something I fall in love with.

3. TMRW magazine - founded by the talented Mr. Joe Brine, TMRW magazine started out as as an open house website/blog for people to share new music and fashion with others. Joe then realised that this little space on the internet could be turned into a publication, and TMRW magazine was born. Nowadays, the content of TMRW online runs alongside its quarterly published ‘zine, which I pretty much inhale in one sitting as soon as it drops.

4. Rolling Stone - I just had to include Rolling Stone, it’s a cult classic that my brother has been reading since he first fell in love with Kurt Cobain. Don’t go thinking it’s just for guitar geeks, though - RS serves up some seriously unmissable interviews, like Lana Del Rey’s latest, which has now given me a good excuse to go out and buy Essie’s Bikini So Teeny which she can be seen wearing on the cover. Thanks for the tip, Into The Gloss!

5. Dots and Dashes - like its grammar-focused name would suggest, Dots and Dashes is a music blog with the slickest copy I’ve ever read. I find myself reading and just marvelling at the words, wishing I could write half as well as editor Josh Holliday does. The “Festival Frolics” section is my favourite, a must-read if you’re yet to plan your fests for the year.

And the rest: I can’t not mention Andrew of When The Gramophone Rings, Et Musique Pour Tous and Consequence of Sound. I’m also checking i-D online nearly every day to see if they’ve launched their “listen” section yet…fingers crossed it’s any day now!

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  • Izzy

    I totally agree, these are all amazing reads! Refinery29 is nearly perfect except for their slideshows… trying to read it on my phone is a nightmare
    btw I just recently discovered your blog and it’s one of my favorites!