My New Autumn Kicks

Posted on by Zoe

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There’s nothing quite like a pristine pair of shoes to kick off a brand new season. With autumn well and truly on its way, I’ve found the age-old task of outfit selection even more difficult, and I’ve penned it down to footwear. Having worn my Birkenstock Arizona’s the entire summer, I’ve been feeling a little confused as to where to turn next now that the weather calls for jeans that are a little toastier, and one extra layer to keep the chill away. Do I go for another pair of ankle boots, or do I go the whole hog and invest in a pair of winter-appropriate, heavy-duty boots that will tide me over all winter? I decided to do the transitional thing, for now, and pick up a pair of plimsolls - a sartorial stop-gap before the snow and rain descend.

That’s where the ASOS Dialog plimsolls come in - casual, comfy and perfect for both laid-back work days and chilled-out weekends. I don’t need to put much thought into seamlessly transitioning these into my uniform of tight jeans and loose-cut tees. The thick sole replicates my beloved Vans, but even more so, which gets a big thumbs up from me. And to top it all off? My bank account is far from bruised at just £25.

So, for kicks, this is how my autumn will look. Grey for “norm-core” points, which is oh-so-easy for this Monochrome Maven to do, and plenty of room for experimentation. Maxi dress, leather jacket and plimsolls, for example, is a combination that’s been playing on my mind ever since these landed on my doormat. For now, though, I’m going to play it safe, like I do 99% of the time. I’ll be sure to update you with my winter footwear choice very soon.

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  • Niamh

    Love this whole outfit. And I have a thing for that colour of grey in the plimsolls. They look so comfortable! Where is the tee from? It’s so cute!