The Private White VC Twin Track Jacket

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When it comes to Sundays, there’s nothing much that can beat a jaunt into the English countryside under unblemished, blue skies. And when it comes to English threads, I don’t think many do it better than Private White VC. You know how a lot of labels these days love to stamp out their lineage in big, bold, printed claims, e.g. “Made In Britain”, “Fabulously British”, and so on? Well, a little bit of research will more often than not reveal the disappointing truth (Jack Wills, looking at you here). But when it comes to Private White, every single jacket and jersey are handmade in the Manchester-based factory.

Recently, Private White VC asked me if I’d like to road-test their new ladies’ Twin Track jacket, which is soon to be released, and of course I said yes. What immediately struck me about the jacket was its minimalist branding - no heavy-set, garishly embroidered name to be found nattering anywhere on the exterior.

I also love the meaning behind its namesake - it’s called the “Twin Track” because of its zipped middle panel that can be popped in or out for a snugger fit in the spring months, and a wider fit in the winter when all those extra layers peek underneath. Then there’s the finer details - the rose gold hardware, the black, felt-rimmed sleeves, the belted waist and the so-satisfying-to-buckle blanket clip.

All I can say is, I can’t even begin to imagine any of my future winters without it.

The ladies’ Twin Track jacket is £575, and will be available to buy online on October 31st.

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