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DIY Project: An Office Space

The beginning of a new year calls for ambitious new plans, and having my very own workspace is one of them (to indulge my inner geek, of course). So, continuing on from my last few “home” posts, I thought I’d let you all in on my office dreams - yep, some girls have wardrobe goals, I have office goals. I haven’t ever had one, but as I spend most of my evenings surgically attached to my MacBook squirrelling away at my blog, I feel like I need a more “grown-up” space to work, rather than the sofa or the bed! Having an inspiring workstation is also bound to fill up my little brain with lots more blogging ideas, too.

I’ve dreamt of having my very own for a long time, and I’ve got a good idea of how I want mine to look. The pins in the image should give a fairly good idea of what I like - airy, modern, white but with splashes of colour.

The spare room will essentially act as my office space, and I’ve got big plans for one little corner. At the moment, I’ve got a gorgeous pine desk that I adore…but it could be prettier. My plan? Give it a little love with some grey-white chalk paint, add a coating of wax and I’m hoping it’ll look like brand new.

For the walls, I want to print lots of my Instagram pictures (I like Lily Pebbles’s wall of polaroids in her office!), and use washi tape to tack them to the wall. I also like the idea of shelves - that way, I’ll have somewhere to show off my big, gold “Z” letter.

Fairy lights, flowers, stacks of post-its, candles, books, my desk planner and a good work lamp are all planned to make their way onto my desk too. Because, you know, it’s gotta look Pinterest-y.

So, next Sunday’s plans have been hatched - you’ll probably find me in my kitchen covered in paint and making a big old mess. There’s bound to be a photo on Instagram soon, so follow me over there in the meantime. Stay tuned for a post, too!

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