Pizza and Natters at Urbano32


There are only a small handful of spots in my Roman hometown to plug in and pack away a few hours of work. Yes, the coffee shops do the job, but when I’m working on my blog, I like being somewhere that inspires me, and I’ve found a gem of a place right in the middle of Bridge street, with an atmosphere that suits me down to a tee. And pizza that could give the Italians a run for their “soldi”.

I’ve had my eye on new pizza eatery Urbano32 since it opened a few months back, especially when I found out that they’ve got their own handmade clay pizza oven hidden away at the back. Having already haunted the owner’s other restaurant for the past 4 years (the Ring O’Bells in Christleton, FYI - chances are you’ve already seen me in there scoffing my face with pizza), I knew I’d be in good hands at Urbano32.


The verdict? This place is as charming as it is industrial and edgy, featuring neon-lit letters on exposed brick walls, dark and light hues and iron-framed booths. The staff are all so welcoming and friendly, too, and are a real credit to the vibe. But atmosphere and decor aside, the delicious Italian scran stands tall on its own.




We ordered enough food to cover our table, starting with a delicious plate of bruschetta. Toasted bread piled high with garlicky, herby tomatoes made me and the boy fight over the last mouthful. Equally, our mains were supremely tasty - we ordered a spinach, bacon, walnut and gorgonzola salad, and a good old pepperoni and chorizo pizza. Both so more-ish, but in true Italian style, we were feeling full after just a few mouthfuls.



In typical “me” style, I couldn’t help but glance over the dessert menu despite only managing a few bites of the mains (sweet tooths, unite). Before I knew it, a raspberry cheesecake was making its way to our table and somehow ended up being devoured.

Whether you’re going solo, bringing your buds or looking to work up an appetite, this place suits every eventuality. Get ready to enter pizza heaven - just make sure your stomach is empty!

A big thank you to Urbano32 for the tasty bites and for giving us a delicious new pizza locale to haunt!

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