5 Reasons Modern Men Do Not Want to Marry

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The world has changed together with the attitude of young people towards marriage. There is no longer any need to build a house or plant a tree, most modern people want to preserve their independence and live a full unencumbered life in the status of confirmed bachelors. Here are 5 common reasons why a man does not want to marry.

1. Fear of Responsibility

A decision-making process is difficult for the generation of millennials. They are afraid to repeat the experience of their parents, marry the wrong person, and take on a heavy burden. A wedding, a mortgage, and kids frighten people who become mature only at 30. Besides, there is a problem of choice. Social networks and dating sites provide people with a huge number of potential partners. People are afraid to miss someone worthy. They don’t have enough motivation and think that they can meet someone better a little bit later.

2. Negative Experience

Today you can be single and have a stable intimate or romantic relationship with Best Single pisces women from Ukraine for dating. Earlier, it was necessary to make a proposal to have sex. Nowadays, you can start living together and launch a “pilot version” of a relationship, changing partners. There is no need to marry if you don’t want. Besides, the bad experience makes men believe that nothing good will come of marriage. Especially if they were already there: divorces bring down to earth.

3. Low Self-Esteem

It is difficult to be an eligible bachelor if you are afraid to talk to the girl you like because of your self-doubt. Alas, the popularity of blogging and social networks feeds the gap between handsome and mediocre, successful people and losers. Men with low self-esteem jealously follow their rivals because they do not feel like worthy opponents. All you need is to stop comparing yourself to others and start living a full life, realizing your goals.

4. Non-Compliance with Beauty Standards

Earlier women looked not at the appearance but at the workability of men, their pedigree and status. Today, the rules have changed, women can attend their own needs. That’s why they want to date handsome men with well-built bodies and clean shoes. Manners and the ability to watch one’s appearance have turned out to be important. But few guys have adapted to this. They do not understand that the unsuccessful heredity can easily be hidden behind the bright charisma and a good sense of style.

5. Inability to Flirt

To get acquainted with the girl, you still have to start a dialogue, skillfully using your charm. Many men lose in this competition because they are deprived of emotional intelligence, and it is difficult for them to make the right impression and gain sympathy. They make a lot of mistakes and make themselves look foolish, so this does not add points to their image. They didn’t meet such challenges earlier because marriages were arranged by their parents, who were not very interested in the opinions of their children. Nowadays, it is a man who should be involved in dating and searching for his future wife, but not all of them are so bold.

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