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Lana at Mulberry A/W ’12

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I had a moment of panic yesterday morning as my alarm went off, thinking with eyes still shut that I had to drag myself out of bed for the start of another week of work. But imagine the relief when I realised it was not only Sunday, it was time for the long-anticipated Mulberry A/W 2012 show. I merely had to open my eyes and lift my weary head to enjoy the entire show in … Continue reading

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Lenni Vintage

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Reason #578937 why I love Australia: Lenni Vintage. I couldn’t help but do a double take when I first discovered this Aussie brand; it was one those memorable sartorial moments, where I could feel my eyes widening and pulse quickening. Lenni Vintage is a fashion brand that could not be more visually connotative of Australia, and the effortlessly cool style that just seems to be encoded into Aussie DNA. The latest lookbook images feature hot … Continue reading

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come as you are

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This shoot had me at the title. Introducing Aussie brand StyleStalker‘s beaming hot Spring/Summer collection. Needless to say, I want it all and I love it all. The glorious LA lighting, the Converse stripper shoes, bright white metallics on pops of neon - it all yells out Lords of Dogtown and everything that was cool about the 90s. And you may recognise that blonde face from, yep, 4th and Bleeker! PS. Go follow the official … Continue reading

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tumbling, tumbling

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There are a few big decisions all bloggers must make when they start their very first blog: what should I call it? What kind of content do I want to write? How do I want it to look? Another one which I completely overlooked is deciding on a blogging platform. When starting out, I researched the most popular platforms, and nosied at which ones my favourite bloggers used. I finally went with Blogger, or Blogspot, … Continue reading

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ootd 5.1.12

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A very rushed Outfit Of The Day, minus editing and all. If you haven’t heard of Jessica French, get watching and reading. She’s my saviour for effortless, casual dressing.

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best music of 2011

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Today marks the beginning of 2012, and while I’m not one who likes to dwell on the past, today is definitely the most appropriate day to look back on the best bits of 2011. I’ve focused on music because, as you probably all know by now, that’s what I hark on about the most. My blog in itself has had a great year with a fair few surprises; being picked to be part of the … Continue reading

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at deep midnight

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Hope you all had a merry one! Z xx

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hair tutorial

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A few people asked me to do a hair tutorial on my everyday waves. Super easy, give it a go and tell me how you get on! Z xx

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My Favourite Music Videos This Week

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Due to my undying fascination with music videos, I couldn’t understand why I hadn’t featured my favourite type of television in more gratifying depth on Romeo. I could write a timeline of my life so far in the medium of music videos, beginning with Stay Another Day by East 17, at the influential age of five…a video that has remained lodged in my memory, and the video that kickstarted my love affair with boybands. Boyzone, … Continue reading

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Romeo Christmas Wishlist 2011

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A few people on Twitter and YT have asked to see what would be on my Christmas wishlist, so here it is. Please remember that this wishlist is entirely true to its name…I would not ever expect to receive all these amazing things! This is a combination of a few things I’ve spotted while out and about doing my Christmas shopping, and being let loose on my favourite online haunts. A girl can dream, especially … Continue reading

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