How to Kill Love with Your Own Hands

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No matter how strong and all-consuming your love is, it can easily be destroyed by the wrong attitude and actions.Take your time to find single ladies. Usually, people do not understand that it is they who have become the cause of the breakup, placing all the blame on the partner, their relatives or circumstances. What should you do to surely kill love with your own hands? Here are several effective and time-tested options.

1. Constantly Ask Your Partner about Their Previous Relationships

Try to clear up how strong they loved their ex. Reminders of past relationships rarely cause positive emotions because people eventually broke up for some reason. If your partner was not the initiator, then the breakup might have brought them a lot of suffering.

2. Call Your Loved One Every Hour to Find Out if They Have Already Eaten

Calls with questions that are more suitable for a small child who has just begun to go to the older group of the kindergarten quickly start irritating. In addition, your partner can be very busy solving serious problems during the working day. If you constantly distract them, they will just not be able to cope with their challenges.

3. Don’t Give Your Partner a Personal Space

Everyone needs a little bit of freedom. At times, everyone wants to be alone. It is enough not to touch the partner when they are watching their favorite show, communicating on social networks with friends or playing an online game. If you follow the partner around, figuring out what they are doing or are going to do, then they will want to get out of the house as soon as possible or even leave you forever.

4. Don’t Let Your Partner Hang Out with Friends

Let the beloved partner go somewhere with their friends. Do not be offended if the "Thursday" gatherings take place without you. We all need to relax without partners. During such periods, it is better to take care of yourself, meet with your own friends, visit your parents or devote time to your hobby. You can always find a useful occupation.

5. Don’t Let Them Go on Business Trips

Business people sometimes go on business trips. This does not mean that the partner will be cheating on you or start seeking for some other adventures. If your partner goes to another city, or even another country, do not call them 10 times a day! Jealousy and distrust are the worst companions of a relationship that can very quickly destroy love.

6. Devote All Your Time to Your Partner, Forgetting about Yourself

An adult should be independent. If you start pleasing the partner in every possible way, for example, cooking every day their favorite dishes, buying flowers, presenting gifts or something like that, then soon they will begin to perceive all your deeds and efforts as something ordinary. And if you stop doing this one day, then a loved one will take it negatively.

A relationship between two lovers is being built for a long time. At first, people get to know each other better, then they get used to each other, reconciling with their habits. But if you make a lot of mistakes during the formation stage of your life together, your couple will break up very soon.

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